Sunday, June 16, 2013

PTU Tut and Tag: Steampunk Girl

Tut: Steampunk Girl
Tut By: KillerKitty
Written on: 6/16/13

This tut was written by me on 6/16/13, any similarity to any other tut or tag is purely coincidental.
This tut is written using Photoshop CS5, but should work with CS1 and up. This tut is written for Intermediate.

Kit: Steampunk Girl by Irish Princess Designs (Available Here)
Tube: Steampunk Girl by VeryMany (Available Here)
Mask: Mask 155 by Vaybs (Available Here)
Font: Jellyka Delicious Cake (Available Here)


Open a new canvas. I do 900x900 just to give me breathing room. Open Frame 2 and move it to the canvas. Open paper 9 and move it under the frame layer. Grab the magic wand tool,  click in the center of the frame. Then Select --> Modify --> Expand --> 3 px. Select inverse and delete on the paper layer. Open tube and put the close up above the paper layer. I resized her to around 68% and created a clipping mask. Copy that layer 3 times. First layer, Filter --> Gaussian Blur --> 20 px, Second Layer, Filter --> Gaussian Blur --> 10 px, Third layer --> Filter --> 5 px. Leave the last layer as is. Now to change the blending mode. First layer, Normal, Second layer, Overlay, Third Layer, Lighten, Last layer, Darken. Now add the full tube on top of the frame layer. Resize to 50%, and flip horizontally. Now it's time to add the elements. Go to town, have a blast, be creative. Now open up your mask. I just used strait up white because I love sparkles. Do that mask thing that you do, and move it over to under your bottom layer. I resized it to like 75% and moved it to the left, then copied and flipped horizontally and move it to the right. Time to crop and resize. (Whatever size you want, or even leave it the size it is if you want.) Put your name on. (All I did was a 2 px stroke, then a drop shadow.) Put your CR stuff on it and you are done!

Hope you enjoyed this tut!

And here is the tag I wanted to show off.


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